The External Ethics Board (EEB) provides the relevant independent expertise to monitor the ethical concerns of this project. This implies a yearly evaluation of the work with regards to ethical issues and overall guidance. A report by the EEB will  be submitted as a deliverable every year.

Dr. Mariëtte van den Hoven

Portrait photo Mariëtte van den Hoven

Mariëtte van den Hoven is Professor Medical Philosophy and Ethics at the Amsterdam UMC, Free University. Before this, she was involved with Utrecht University as a senior lecturer at the Ethics Institute and Associate Professor of Philosophy at the Faculty of Humanities. She was also involved as a Senior Fellow for the Centre for Academic Teaching. Mariëtte contributed to scientific ethics in education and sought to embed integrity in research in the curricula at Utrecht University. Her research focus is on 1) research integrity; 2) professional ethics; 3) philosophy of education and 4) public health ethics (obesity, immunization, child abuse, youth care).

Emer. Prof. Stephen Stansfeld

Portrait photo Emeritus Professor Stephen Stansfeld

Stephen Stansfeld is Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry at the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine at Barts and the London School of Medicine, Queen Mary University of London. His research interests include the effects of the physical and social environment on mental health.

He was Chair of the International Commission on the Biological Effects of Noise from 2008 to 2014 and directed the 7th Framework funded European Network on Noise and Health (ENNAH), involving 33 European partners to decide on priorities for new research on environmental noise and health.

He directed the European 5th Framework funded RANCH Study on the effects of aircraft and road traffic noise on children’s cognition and health. He chaired the WHO Guidelines Development Group on the new guidelines for environmental noise published in 2018. He has also researched social inequalities in mental health, the impact of work on mental health and the effects of childhood adversities on adult mental health in the 1958 Birth cohort. He has published more than 288 papers including at least 50 on noise-related topics, including several reviews. 

Prof. Dr. Kerstin Palm

Head of Group "Gender & Science" / Humboldt-University Berlin, Department of History.

Kerstin Palm studied biology, philosophy and German language at the Universities of Göttingen and Freiburg. She received her doctorate in biology on the topic of water ecology in 1996; and her “habilitation” in cultural studies with a scientific-historical thesis on the cultural history of the concept of life in 2009. Since 2013 she is Professor of Gender & Science at the Institute of History at Humboldt-Universität in Berlin. Her main interest in research focusses on scientific and technical concepts instructed by a gender-theoretical cultural history, gender epistemology, materiality theories (e.g. embodiment theories and plasticity concepts in brain research, biological incorporation of sociality), theories and practices of trans- and interdisciplinarity, gender theory in the curriculum of natural and technical sciences, and gender-theoretically informed biology didactics.