The Equal-Life Toolbox

One of Equal-Life’s goals is to develop a toolbox for stakeholders. It helps them to understand the project results, the underlying data, and to support future assessments how early exposures to physical and social conditions may affect children's development and mental health. Recommendations for policy and interventions will also be part of the toolbox. To support the use of the toolbox, a guidebook is developed to guide the user through its contents. Together, this will provide a basis for new policies in the domain of physical and social environment to positively – rather than negatively – impact the cognitive development and mental health of children. 

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The toolbox will function as a source for all the content that will be produced in Equal-life

Each part of the toolbox will provide input data and analysis tools as well as functions supporting stakeholders in regulating, planning and decision making with regard to land-use and urban planning, social and educational programs, and children’s health care.

 All the tools that together compose the whole toolbox will be accessible through web applications, information packages and interactive visualizations.

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Equal-life Toolbox - prototype

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Web application to navigate, explore and exploit equal-life results.
The toolbox is continuously updated with upcoming results.


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Trainings on the toolbox start with pilots in May 2024.  Over the course of the summer we will open the registration for online (introduction) trainings and in-person trainings.


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Expected in 2024

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