The main objective of WP7 is to study the mental health impacts of the integrated exposures using a range of cohort data. This will be accomplished by means of untargeted and targeted evaluation of the role of multiple exposures.

WP7 will study the mental health and cognitive and social developmental impacts of integrated exposures, making use of a range of cohort data and school study data by means of untargeted and targeted evaluation of the role of multiple exposures.

Specific Objectives are 1) to construct harmonized cohorts and school studies ready for analyses, 2) to analyse the specific research questions and (3) to jointly assess results and deliver recommendations. This work package is a central part of Equal-Life and together with the cohort owners a harmonized variable description will be developed. This description will link to the conceptual models developed in WP1 and aid in the creation of research questions, it will also feed into WP3, WP4 and WP5 to aid in the identification of focus areas of enrichment as well as form the basis of the algorithm development in WP6. Scientific manuscripts will be written, and joint assessments will be made to deliver a base for recommendations in WP 8 and WP9.

18 month update

This work package studies the mental health impacts of  integrated exposures using a range of cohort data.

WP7 has been focusing on preparations for the cohort and school study data to be used within Equal-Life. They have drafted overview documents on the school and cohort data available within the project. Ethical permits have been updated and variables of available studies have been described and updated. WP7 works closely together with WP6 on harmonizing the available data to make sure that all the data within the Equal-Life project can be combined and compared. Furthermore, data on biomarkers available in the existing cohort were selected (to be used in WP2 analyses). 

WP7 also coordinated the development of a Geocode transfer protocol taking the GDPR European requirements and national laws into account in order to enable data enrichment by different partners. This process is still ongoing. In the period to come, WP7 will prepare health effect analyses.